Focus on Needs, not Channels

Focus on Needs, not Channels

Bricks and Mortar companies tend to grow digital/online teams, often markedly, separate from the “main” business. I believe that it is important for online parts of an organisation to think less like pureplay eCommerce teams, focusing on the digital specific journeys, and more like a team that plays an integral part in their customers’ interactions with their brand as a whole.


Customers have needs that transcend channels and organisational design, and we must allow them to easily carry out the activities needed to achieve those needs, and to achieve their goals, in whatever channel and in whatever order they want. This allows a business to operate its channels in concert, and not in competition.


Doing this will enable businesses to better deliver a joined up (or seamless!) experience across channels, time, products etc. It will also enable a business to better react to shifting customer behaviour, like a shift towards online interaction.


We talk a lot about channels, journeys experiences, and seamlessness; but we should be talking more about our customers’ needs. Customers have needs and goals that they are trying to achieve, and a business can best unlock value (and profit) by delivering experiences that help customers achieve their goals, in a way that is simple for them.

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