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I bookmark a lot of pages and sites which I find interesting, inspirational and informative every day! I’d like to share some of them with you here. In general they are about user experience, usability, UCD, accessbility and design. In general, but not always!!

  • Why your conversion rates no longer matter –
    The ultimate measure of a website's success is its conversion rate — the percentage of visits that resulted in a sale or an inquiry. It is supposed to measure the degree to which the site converts visitors into customers. As such, it is deemed to provide the ultimate assessment of whether a site is successful or not. In a single number, it captures the appeal of the design, the ease (or otherwise) of navigation, the effectiveness of the sales pitch, and all the other factors that affect a visitor's willingness to buy from you.
  • iPhone UX Reviews » Blog Archive » iPhone App Usability Heuristics
    Heuristic evaluations involve systematically inspecting a user-interface and judging its compliance with a set of heuristics. This method is a fast and effective way to identify usability flaws, however, the widely used heuristics put forth by Jakob Nielsen were originally created for desktop software. As a result the language and examples are not always appropriate for other platforms. Over the years, researchers and practitioners have evolved and expanded the heuristics to meet their needs. While there are many noteworthy efforts, nearly all of them were created before the iPhone was developed. With that in mind, I attempted to adapt Nielsen’s heuristics for the iPhone.
  • How do you find usability testing participants? « Product Management Tips by Gopal Shenoy
  • Facial Avoidance in Page Design « People & Technology
    The Fidelity studies show that not only were users disinclined to look at facial images of the type shown in Figure 1, but that a significant number of users were unable to find the text immediately adjacent when given a task requiring that information.
  • Screening out liars from your user research- 90 Percent of Everything
    The whole point of user research is that you get to observe real members of your target user group interacting with your product. However, the cash incentive that you offer – typically £50 for an hour – is compelling enough to make some people bend the truth, and this is compounded by the chain of people involved in the recruitment. For example, if you outsource a research project to a UX consultancy, they will probably outsource the recruitment to a specialist agency, who in turn will may outsource to a number of independent freelancers. As the client sitting on the receiving end, you have to be confident that it’s being carried out in a rigorous way.

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