Friday Link Round Up – 14 November 2014

Five retailers using technology to create remarkable shopping experiences

The impact of customer service on customer lifetime value

The Psychology Of Online Customization

Resources for Mapping the Experience with Alignment Diagrams

Is there a future for native apps

The “Things that make you go Hmmmmm” link:

In defence of banner ads

The “I want one of those” link:

DJI Phantom Drone

Grandpa’s Magic Trick – how to do a travel advert

Now this is a truly lovely advert, and it’s for a regional airline in Scandinavia. It has everything you want, a nice build up, beautiful scenery, a build up and a wonderful, emotional reveal.

It has named as the AdWeek’s 3rd best advert this year – and the only travel company to make the top 10.



You can see all the top 10 be starting here!

Friday Link Round Up (09 November 2012)



Responsive Navigation: Optimizing for Touch Across Devices 


Measuring the Fat Fingers Problem
Excluding accidental mobile clicks lowers rates—but they’re still higher than for the desktop web 


Using Paper Prototyping as a Tool for Participatory Design Research


Improving Hiring for User Experience : The Applicant


Revealing unawareness in usability related decision-making



Videos of the week:

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012
Another winner from John Lewis, who constantly hit the nail on the head with their advertising.

Indie-folk singer Gabrielle Aplin provides the soundtrack for The Journey, the retailer’s almost traditional blockbuster Yuletide campaign with her version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s 1984 hit The Power of Love – The Guardian

Jimmy Kimmel iPad Mini Advert Spoof

Paul Bloom: The Psychology of Everything

Friday Link Round-Up


How Mobile Technologies Are Shaping a New Generation


UX Immersion: The Mobile Frontier


5 Ways to Create Better iPad Applications


Behavior Change as Value Proposition


Clicks Don’t Count!


Usability testing video games with biometrics



Quote of the Week:
“Being a geek is all about your own personal level of enthusiasm, not how your level of enthusiasm measures up to others. If you like something so much that a casual mention of it makes your whole being light up like a halogen lamp, if hearing a stranger fondly mention your favorite book or game is instant grounds for friendship, if you have ever found yourself bouncing out of your chair because something you learned blew your mind so hard that you physically could not contain yourself — you are a geek”

The Mary Sue (via Curiosity Counts)


Video of the Week:

Viral Video Chart