Friday Link Round Up – March 20, 2015

It’s not enough to be fast: how emulating human interaction is key to improving digital communication

Too much info? Or not enough? Which created a double-digit conversion increase?

Why is Amazon launching a physical store – and what will it mean for retail? (via @leemcivor)

Designing for the Workspace First (via @jackroless)

Ikea: 7 Predictions For What Your Home Will Look Like In 2020

Video of the week:

The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google – Who Wins, Who Loses?

Friday Link Round Up – Feb 13 2015

Considering the Consideration Funnel


How to Manufacture Desire


The Theory and Practice of Sketching within the UX Industry


How Lego became the Apple of toys


My favourite video of the week:
Steve Jobs brainstorms with the NeXT team (1985)

Link Round Up: 12 September 2014

An in-depth look at Apple Pay, and what it means for retailers

How Moosejaw’s tone of voice creates hilarious multichannel experiences

While marketplace sales on Amazon soar in August, eBay’s sales falter

Happiness: 10 Fascinating New Psychology Studies Everyone Should Know



The “Now For Something A Little Different” link:
See Amazon’s Stunning New London HQ With A Garden On The Roof

Friday Funny:
Samsung take the proverbial out of Apple’s bigger screen:

Friday Link Round-Up


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Tracking the Behavioral Targeted Ad Debate



How The Future Of Google Search Is Leaving iPhone Users Behind



YouTube’s 20 Most-Shared Ads in April



Apple Begins Countdown to 50 Billion App Store Downloads



How to do a Hotel website:



OSX wins, but Vista is worse than XP

A very interesting report was published in February which analysed Vistas, XPs and Mac OSXs usability by Pfeifer Consulting, which did some very detailed analysis of the Mac and Windows UI. It conculded that (naturally) OSX was the superior UI, but also that Vista/Aero is worse than XP!

Now, there is always going to be strong opinions on UIs, as you are in the realm of personal taste. Because a UI is such a visual and tactile thing everybody has an opinion on it. While people tend to reserve judgement on the particulars of a feature, when it comes to the UI people feel comfortable commenting.

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