Friday Link Round-Up – Feb 27

Infinite Scrolling: Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This

Why did infinite scroll fail at Etsy?

Distractions in the lab

Will ‘eye-tracking’ technology go mainstream in 2015?

10 ways to use colour to capture attention (via @JackRoles)

How to manufacture desire

The “I can’t believe he just did that” video of the week:

Man Castrates Reindeer With His Teeth

Friday Link Round Up – 24 October 2014

Cognition & The Intrinsic User Experience


Five Movements in Design That We Should Pay Attention To


Should You Add Navigation When A User Scrolls Up Or Keep It Hidden?


Understanding Affordance in Digital Interfaces


The “And now for something different” link:
The Berlin Wall Is Going Back Up

Friday Link Round Up


Brand as Context in Interaction Design


Change with a smile


The Value Of Multiple Evaluators In Heuristic Evaluations


Designing Screens Using Cores and Paths




Gadgets of the week:


Leap Motion:


Little Printer:

A late Friday link round-up!

Is the 1,9,90 Rule Outdated?

Do A/B Tests Focus Us On The Wrong Problems?

Behavioral Targeting Pros and Cons

Designing Search: As-You-Type Suggestions

Scalable Navigation Patterns in Responsive Web Design


Video of the week (purely on the sheer numbers below)
Gotye – Somebody That I Use to Know

13,951,108 shares all time
13,940,367 Facebook shares
10,741 blog posts

Friday Link Round-Up


How Mobile Technologies Are Shaping a New Generation


UX Immersion: The Mobile Frontier


5 Ways to Create Better iPad Applications


Behavior Change as Value Proposition


Clicks Don’t Count!


Usability testing video games with biometrics



Quote of the Week:
“Being a geek is all about your own personal level of enthusiasm, not how your level of enthusiasm measures up to others. If you like something so much that a casual mention of it makes your whole being light up like a halogen lamp, if hearing a stranger fondly mention your favorite book or game is instant grounds for friendship, if you have ever found yourself bouncing out of your chair because something you learned blew your mind so hard that you physically could not contain yourself — you are a geek”

The Mary Sue (via Curiosity Counts)


Video of the Week:

Viral Video Chart