User Experience, Usability and Design links for April 14th

I bookmark a lot of pages and sites which I find interesting, inspirational and informative every day! I’d like to share some of them with you here. In general they are about user experience, usability, UCD, accessbility and design. In general, but not always!!

  • Overcoming egocentrism – where to next for the UX research industry?
    Egocentrism is something that we largely grow out of in childhood. There’s a famous test in developmental psychology called Piaget’s 3 mountains task (shown below). When you give it to 2-6 year old children, most of them fail. As soon as kids reach 6 years old, they start passing the test in much greater numbers.
  • UK retail mega menu navigation review
    Web navigation is a key area for usability and new navigation methods are introduced frequently as web programming languages evolve. The last twelve months has seen several large retail sites using 'mega menus' as their primary navigation structure. In this article we have reviewed five popular retails sites in the UK with regards to the usability of the mega menus in the site, and we have developed our own check list and criteria to test against.
  • Gathering variables for AB split testing
    A/B split testing is no longer an enigmatic term amongst web professionals; countless articles and books cover the basics. What more, access to tools such as Visual Website Optimizer (disclaimer: this is my startup)—which simplify the setup and maintenance of A/B tests have—have made the testing process itself as straightforward as possible. Despite this, though, A/B split testing isn’t part and parcel for UX designers and internet marketers. The question then becomes: why not?
    We are all aware of the hard work and time it required to come up with a unique and beautiful Illustration and well aware of the importance of Inspiration. Today, We have compiled illustrations based on human characters and cartoons. I decided not to come up with a large showcase and tried to focus on quality and uniqueness. One can find Inspirational character illustration in digital art, in traditional art, vector illustrations, pencil sketches and other in the showcase. Feel free to share your opinion about what you see.
  • Agile Personas
    One of the most consistent patterns I see among those integrating UX and Agile is a business-as-usual approach to Personas, i.e. continuing to create them largely in the same way as in a traditional waterfall practice. Doing so, in my opinion, is a mistake, and reflects a lack of understanding both of the purpose behind Personas and the thinking underlying an Agile practice.
  • From Here to Experience
    At the IA Summit in Phoenix, AZ Jared Spool outlined the role of an experience vision in keeping design teams focused and innovating. Here's my notes from his presentation From Here to Experience:

Please do feel free to suggest other related (and unrelated ones)!

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