User Experience, Usability and Design links for October 18th

I bookmark a lot of pages and sites which I find interesting, inspirational and informative every day! I’d like to share some of them with you here. In general they are about user experience, usability, UCD, accessbility and design. In general, but not always!!

  • Content Strategy: The Old, New Thing | Idea Engineers
    Recently, in the past year, you may have heard a lot of buzz about content strategy, as well as concepts such as ‘content curation,’ portable content and/or semantic web. Perhaps you have heard it said that content strategy is the next big thing in the interactive and digital worlds. Some proffer that ‘content is king,’ and that digital information will double or even triple in the next fear years. Others have asserted that content and content strategy will be the single most important factors in the future of the Web. For a lot of folks, these are quite bold statements that may or may not mean anything.
  • What Motivates Us To Do Great Work? :: Articles :: The 99 Percent
    What motivates us to do great work? It’s an age-old question. But the age-old answers – rewards, recognition, money, stability – no longer seem to suffice. As we’ve shifted to a knowledge-based economy, it turns out that what drives us has shifted, too.
  • Going Mobile: Designing for Different Screen Sizes | Promoting Your Mobile App :: UXmatters
    In this edition of Ask UXmatters—which is the first in a two-part series focusing on user experience design for mobile devices—our experts discuss<br />
    <br />
    designing for a wide range of devices with different screen sizes<br />
    promoting your mobile application
  • » Using numbers to plan content Johnny Holland – It’s all about interaction » Blog Archive
    Something that’s fascinated me about online metrics since I started working in online (quite a long time ago in internet terms) is their immediacy. In fact, it’s their instancy… this real-time sense you get from actually watching people move in and out of a website or email or mobile platform—that really mesmerises. The numbers create a kind of certainty about the clicks, impressions, traffic volume… and based on those numbers we believe we can know what worked (or didn’t work). On the basis of these metrics we do more or less of the same.
  • 10 great user experience blogs–Making Websites Easy To Use

Please do feel free to suggest other related (and unrelated ones)!

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