We’re hiring: Researchers, EA/UXers, Designers & Developers!

The Customer Experience Team is a 27-strong multi disciplinary team covering Research, Service Design, UX, Design and front-end development. We believe that through what we do we can craft beautiful experiences that make our customers’ lives better. We are passionate about doing the best job possible, and we are committed to having fun doing it!

We embrace new challenges and solve problems; we believe in looking backwards only to help us take the right path forwards.

We question, critique and grow; we share, discuss and learn; we are creative and we wonder…

The team here has been given an expanded remit, covering not just General Merchandise (Tesco Direct), but also Clothing (F&F) and some other very exciting customer propositions, both online and covering our in-store digital kiosks – so we’re looking for great talent to join the exceptional team!



Experience Architect / UXer:


Digital Designer:


Front End Developers:

Prototyping/Innovation: http://www.tesco.com/directuiassets/SiteAssets/NonSeasonal/en_GB/pdf/UI%20Developer%20(Prototyper).pdf

Split Testing & Optimisation: http://www.tesco.com/directuiassets/SiteAssets/NonSeasonal/en_GB/pdf/UI%20Developer%20(TestandTarget).pdf

Platform Development: http://www.tesco.com/directuiassets/SiteAssets/NonSeasonal/en_GB/pdf/UI%20Developer%20(Platform).pdf


Apply now:


The Tesco Online Department

Leading our digital businesses, (Grocery Home Shopping, Tesco direct, F&F and Wine by the Case), the online channel team’s role is to grow the businesses and develop a seamless online experience aligned with the overall Tesco brand. Accountable for the strategy, development, sales and P&L of these digital businesses, the Online team has several functions within it – strategy & proposition, programme management, data science, international, product management, user experience, analytics, trade planning, content and customer experience to name a few. The team will work across Tesco but particularly closely with customer fulfilment, digital product, technology, retail, customer and commercial teams.


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